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YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine that allows viewers to watch videos of their choice. Creators upload almost 500 hours of video to this video-sharing platform. All this proves that YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing platform. Whether you are interested in watching favorite movies, informative tutorials, and entertaining videos, you will find this platform perfect for you. To avail of the features of YouTube, you need to go through the activation process via URL We have given the step-by-step procedure to activate YouTube. Let's get started.

YouTube is an official web portal where a user can activate YouTube by entering the 8-digit verification code. One can activate it on smart TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, and several other streaming players. We have described how a user can easily activate YouTube by going through the provided steps.

Step-By-Step Procedure to Activate YouTube

Activating YouTube gives you access to your favorite videos. It lets you stream your favorite movies, web series, or entertaining shows on your device. The great thing is that it works on almost all streaming players, including Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, and Apple TV. We have given the step-by-step procedure below to help you know how to activate YouTube. One can follow the steps described below and activate it by visiting

Steps to Create YouTube Account

Before you activate YouTube on a streaming player, you first need to create a YouTube account. If you are new and do not know about YouTube, you may experience difficulties creating a YouTube account. To assist you in creating a YouTube account, we have described the quick and easy steps below. Follow these instructions:

Steps to Procedure to Activate YouTube

After you have created a YouTube account, now is the time for you to activate the YouTube account. If you want to activate YouTube to watch videos, you can do it easily. All you need to do is follow the steps given below.

Change the Password for YouTube Account

When you doubt authorized access to your YouTube account, you can change your account's password and secure your YouTube account from hackers. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Install the YouTube App

Here are the means by which to install the YouTube application on your shrewd gadget.


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